Our Hitting Philosophy

The offensive philosophy is based on the Crabbe-ology road map. We break down swing and approach, teaching our players what it takes to be a successful hitter. 

  • Hitters should have the thought they are attacking every pitch.  This puts THEM in control of whether to SWING OR NOT.  
  • Hitters should stay balanced through a good load with good rhythm, tempo, controlled head and quiet eyes.
  • Hitters should understand the concept of weight distribution.  Our hitters learn how to use their center of gravity for maximum output.   We want free flowing athletes in the batters box.   
  • Putting too much emphasis on hand action doesn’t maximize output.  
  • Hitters will learn how to roll into their "A" swing

The goal is to facilitate awareness of the swing mechanics & approach by:

  • Developing the proper stance – foundation of swing begins at the legs.
  • Helping you understand rhythm & tempo - learning the difference.
  • Managing your load – we all need to get to the same position for the best results to do DAMAGE.
  • Creating Initiation – proper Sequence of Kinetic Chain . 
  • Establishing a body awareness

1 Hour* sessions include:

  • Debrief- 5 minutes
  • Tee drills –10 minutes  
  • Soft toss drills – 15 minutes 
  • Overhand toss drills or BP – 15 minutes 
  • Video analysis – 15 minutes 

*These sessions are not recommended before competition or showcases.  

30 minute* sessions include:

  • Debrief –  5 minutes  
  • Tee drills/short toss –10 minutes  
  • Live batting practice – 15 minutes 

*Great for showcases or tune-ups 

Let's take your offensive game to the next level.