How to create your reality

Have a dream with a purpose

Think about the most successful people you know.  Then juxtapose their happiness and purpose in life.  The most successful individuals aren't always the happiest and I wonder if it's due to a dream that has no defined purpose.  I believe God created dreams so we are always moving towards our reasons for existence.  I had many battles early in life.  I was bullied badly, so badly once I was hit with a beer bottle while walking home from school in the 6th grade for no reason.  Yet I remained optimistic about my future.  Guess what keep me positive? A DREAM to inspire an Island by playing Major League Baseball.  

Guard your mind against dream wreckers and get connected with like minds

Throughout my entire life, I have been connecting with others who share similar traits.  I believe it's due to my commitment to living my purpose.  When you are moving towards your destiny, God provides the support. This is why you won't and can't fail.  He provides like minds!  These are the individuals who view life like you.  Here are a few names to support my theory; R-City (Songwriters and Singers), Delayno Brown (Reggae Artist and songwriter), CJ Stewart (L.E.A.D and Diamond Directors Baseball), Kelli Steward (Executive Director of L.E.A.D), Karese Roberts (business owner Kakes by Karese), Roger Deboy (Construction Management), Brian McCann (MLB All Star), Micah Owings (MLB player and Entrepreneur), Tim Raines Jr. (Retired MLB player and IMG Coach), Chone Figgins (Retired baseball player and fellow golf nut), Phil Wallin (Diesel Fitness Co-owner and performance specialist), and my immediate family.  There are more names only the list would be too long.  Everyone above had dreams and they came true.  So guard your heart and mind against those dream wreckers; if someone tells you can't do something, say ok let me find out for myself! 

Get out of the incorrect environment and build momentum

If you are in an office, house, or environment which leads you to believe its too hard or you can't do it, move on and try to find like minds who will encourage your movement.   A movement begins when you take a stance to stand alone and believe in you!  In time you will have one follower, then two, then three and then you are an inspiration!!!  Let me share a small story; around this time last year I ran into a scout who noticed me coaching my high school team at IMG Academy.  He said you know Callix, I told everyone you were only going to play one year of Minor League Ball and be done.  Guess how I responded?  I said thank you, you were the very reason I made it!!!  And to keep it coming because there is more on the way!  There will be people you come in contact with who will say you can't do it, you know what to say to them?  I damn well sure want to find out!!!  So dream of whatever you want that is positive and purpose driving and charge onward with passion. This is how you create momentum!!!  If you are unhappy and want to be happy do what Nike says "Just do it"

Go all the way in

I believe if you want something in life there is only one way you can do it and that's going all the way in!  In 2012 when I decided my baseball playing days were over, I picked up the game of golf. I needed something to ease the transition from baseball.  A goal was set to become a scratch player which is a zero handicap on any golf course played.  I might not be a scratch golfer just yet but guess what my handicap is? 9.3 without a lot of rounds.  Guess how I made that happen?  I set small attainable goals and attacked the game from every angle.  For 3 years at IMG Academy I religiously practiced, read books and played whenever my schedule allowed.  Many people said it's the golf bug; you know what I said? Nope; I have a dream, which meant I have to go all the way in.   At the moment, my quest for scratch is on hold due to a more important goal.   Once I resume this quest I will show you my zero handicap index.  

I dreamt about getting hits off of Randy Johnson and when I faced him it felt like Deja Vu

One of my greatest attributes happens to be my ability to conjure up dreams. LOL. As a young boy, I had two very important friends who helped to create my dream of Major League Baseball; Akeem Francis and Kishon Herbert both supported me in the infancy.   We didn't practice on actual fields all the time, but we did so under our buildings with rocks, bottle caps, and broomsticks.  The name of our field was the Brown Monster our replica of the Green Monster.  I really wish I had a photo of it, but I don't.  We had many at-bats against Randy Johnson.  Like all the time and I was very successful against Randy Johnson from the ages of 9-12.  I couldn't get out.  In 2008 guess who I faced while in the big leagues with San Deigo?  Yup; Randy Johnson the Hall of Famer.  Take a look at his career stat line; 

W     L     w-l% era.                                                     hits                                                 303166.6463.2961860371003724135.13346170315134111497374875190

Randy Johnson is one of the greatest pitchers of all time and someone I am super proud to say I faced while a Major Leaguer.  You see the 3,346 hits he gave up?  I had two.  You see the 4,875 strikeouts he had?  I had none!  You see the 3.29 era?  I had two rbi's against him.  And both were earned. Lastly, I was 1 of the 190 hits batter he had.  And he called me a little piece of sh** because I didn't get out the way.  Final numbers against Randy Johnson 2 for 3, 2 rbi's, 1 double, 1 HBP, and 1 called a piece of sh**.  One of my greatest moments in the big leagues felt like Deja vu all because I used imagery.  So the next time somebody tells you to wake up and smell the roses, tell them no; I don't like the way yours smell!!!

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