Crabbeology Summer Camp

Crabbeology Summer Camps will provide an opportunity for players to learn a range of baseball techniques in an energetic and informative environment. Our expert coaches will go in depth, covering skills such as proper throwing, fielding, hitting, and base running; all tailored to improve offensive and defensive positional play.


I am very excited to sign my son up for this year’s Crabbe Camp! Coach Crabbe does an excellent job of really giving these boys the tools physically and, more impressive, mentally, to achieve their goals at the next level of this difficult game. My favorite part of my son attending this camp is when I pick him up and see the excitement in his eyes of learning things about the game that he has played for 9 years now. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about other baseball camps in the Tampa area. I not only suggest this camp for older kids but extremely suggest it for younger ones. I am a coach for a very successful travel ball team in Tampa (14U) and whole heartedly believe in EVERY ASPECT of Coach Crabbe’s teaching methods. I just wish I would have met him earlier in my son’s baseball life. This camp will do wonders for your child both as a player and a person. Can’t wait!
— Javier Q.


My son Thomas, 12 last year loved crabbeology camp last summer. He was excited and eager to go because Calix motivated him to work hard, challenged him and he had fun. Most importantly, he had fun while learning and improving his baseball skills!
— Michelle Bolton

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