Digital Training

Experience Crabbe-ology from any location.  We offer 20 minutes of customized digital training sessions through one-on-one video calls, focusing on specific areas for improvement offensively and defensively. In, addition athletes can upload an offensive video for Coach Crabbe to analyze and be stored in your very own virtual locker room.  We also have a large database of both Major league players and USA softball players for side by side analysis.  Athletes then receive a detailed report outlining a plan for growth. 

Live Video Conferencing

Live Video Conferencing

Live training includes 20 minutes with the player on the field or hitting with Crabbeology. Sessions available via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc. 



$45 for 20 min
live video training

Baseball Trophy


$160 for (4) 20 min sessions live video training


Hall of Fame

$210 for (6) 20 min sessions live video training 

Submit a Video for Analysis

Baseball Video Analysis
Crabbeology Video Analysis

STEP 1: Purchase a Digital Training Package

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$80 for 2 analysis sessions (per month)


All Star

$140 for 4 analysis sessions (per month)


Hall of Fame

$180 for 6 analysis sessions (per month)

STEP 2: 
Download the RVP mobile app

Baseball Video Analysis

STEP 3: Film your video and send it in! 

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